10 February 2011

Lets picture spoken

I mahu update juga blog i but i have nothing to say maybe i'm very tired...Today going to interview at PPD Beaufort and i hope so i got this job...but,,my heart still confius either want to take GSTT or stay at Prasekolah because i already love them and have a hard feeling to leave them...omaigoood[!]..sangattt blurr...but it when i got this GSTT...when i'm not..my heart will have a flower may be...okei dont laugh at my broken english because i know my english is too bad but i try to talk even i cant...i have more effort to learning an english..soo,,if u think u have a good English and want to laugh-laugh at me,,pleaseee...go to masuk gaunggg noww[!]...soo jahat ur heart[!]..

Lets picture spoken..its all about my heart


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