08 November 2008

TaGs Dari Kak @LiyanNuar

SaLam uKhuwaH


Tags dari kak @LiyanNuar
jom menjawab bersama2..heee


Was The Last Person You Talked To? my Lurve ijam

Was Your Last Kiss? My Mum

Knows The Most About You? My Mum

Can Make You Laugh No Matter What? Abg Wei

Has Your Heart? bapa+mama+family+ijam

Is or Was Your Favorite Teacher In School? Cikgu Bakri

Is Your Best Friend(s)? ajieraku

Loves You? my family+my ijam+my fwenz+


Is Your Favorite Song At The Moment? Lucky - Jason Marz ft Colbie

Are You Looking Forward To? to success in my exam..dan xsabar nak blk umah..cuti~

Is Your Favorite Color? PinK+puRpLe+BLue

Website Do You Visit Most? mY BloG

Is Your Favorite Smell? Rush2+VaniLLa

Is Your Favorite Movie? Cinderella+Harry Potter+Korean Movie

Makes You Mad? love

Curse Word Do You Use A lot? aiee~~

Kind Of Phone Do You Have? Se T650i+Nokia2100

Was The Last Song You Listened To? Selimut Hati-Dewa *abg wei suh dengar*


Was The Last Time You Went To The Mall? 5 nov 2008

Do or Did You Graduate? not yet..insyaAllah 2010

Is The Next Time You’ll Do Something Fun? after my exam~

Was The Last Time You Ate or Drank Something? on my dinner

Is Your Birthday? 16 september 1986

Was The Last Time You Went To The Movies? sdh lama xtgk wayang..download je n tgk dkt laptop...

Is Your Parents Birthday? Bapa [26 Feb 1957] + Mum [12 Septmber 1960]

Were You In The Car Last? 6 Nov 08..pg car wash..

Will You Be Taking Your Next Vacation? end of this year... still on my plan..


Do You Live? Bongawan, Sabah

Is The Best Place To Be? shopping mall

Was Your Last Vacation? Lata Bayu, Baling

Were You Born? Indiana State, USA

Is Your Best Friend? at their house+hostel+campus

Was The Last Place Your Were Besides Your Own House? dah lama xblk umah~

Do You Think You’ll Be In 10 Years? my dream home

Is Your Cell Phone? on my desk

Are Your Parents? at my home~..huhu..mish them so much

Was Your Display Picture Taken? my friends room

:w::h::0: :g::e::t::s: :t::h::i::s:


tags ni utk semua readers aku yg setia itew..aku saaayg korg sgt2..
dan kepada pengunjung2 yg dtg menjenguk..
korangg..jgn la lupa ambik dan jawab dan post kat blog korg eh..
jangan lupa tau...

penamat entri : Tq 2 sist @liyanNuar 4 diz tags..tocey2..:plis:


@LiYaNNuaR said...

terima kasih sudi jawab tag akak.. simple aje kan... hamboiii... byk nya empon dia... pinjam satu, bleh?? ngeee...

+ iNaMoRaTa + said...

same2 kak..hehehe
senang je pun..xla susah..hehehe
nak pinjam hp farin ke?..